Events this season - 2021  

Joint spring meeting - Ladies & Men
Ladies "Get together"
Greens open
Start of Season event - Mixed Roll up
Saturday league practice match: Bournemouth
Saturday league practice match: Branksome Pk
Drawn Mixed Triples Club Competition and 1st match
Thursday League practice match: Bournemouth
First Saturday League match
First Tuesday evening triples match
Argyll 1st Open Day
Hampshire v Dorset (Argyll BC hosts?)
First Thursday league match   
Argyll 2nd Open Day: National Open Day
BDBA President's Day (Argyll BC hosts)
Memorial Day

Sponsors' Day

B&DWBA competition

Ladies 2 wood singles

Bournemouth Open Week 

President's Charity Day + Captains' Day

Bournemouth Air Festival 

Finals Days

Function Fayre Pairs competition                   End of Season Event: Last organised roll up   Greens Close                                                   Annual Luncheon                                             AGM - Argyll B.C  &  AGM - Argyll Trust         Xmas coffee morning                                      Joint spring meeting - ladies and men                


Due to the pandemic, it is impossible to forecast the restrictions that will be imposed for the summer season.

Organisers may have to rearrange or cancel events.

Sat         20th March (St. Ambrose Church Hall at 10:00am)
Weds      31st March                                     
Sat         10th April
Sun        11th April 
Sat         17th April (H and A)
Sat         24th April (H and A)
Sun        25th April
Thurs      29th April (H) 
Sat          1st May
Tues       11th May                                                     Events show in red text are cancelled.   
Sun          9th May 10:00 to 16:00
Wed        19th May
Thurs      20th May
Sun         30th May 10:00 to 16:00
Weds     18th August

Weds     15th August

Weds     14th July

Mon        19th July

               3rd to 7th August 

Sun           8th August

               2nd to 5th September

Fri/Sat/Sun  10th/11th/12th September


Sat           2nd October  

Sun          3rd  October

Tues         9th November - Riviera Hotel (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE FROM 2ND NOVEMBER)

Sat          20th November (St. Ambrose Church Hall at 9:30am)

Sat            4th December (Argyll Cafe at 10:00 hrs)    

Sat          20th March 2022 (St. Ambrose Church Church Hall at 10:00am)