Argyll Bowling Club always welcomes new members whether you're an experienced seasoned player looking to change clubs or a complete beginner.  Age is no limit. You'll find a warm welcome at Argyll and hopefully make some new friends. 

We maintain two very good greens. Our professional greenkeeper works all year round to provide a quality playing surface for our summer season.




There are certain things we need to do as a Club.  Some of this responsibility has been transferred to us by the Local Council whereby we “self manage” certain aspects of our Club.  Possibly the most significant one is stewarding which is based in the “reception area” of the Club and our office, near the entrance, and the steward helps with the layout of the greens, dealing with the public or other visitors, opening and closing the greens etc.  


In 2020 we introduced a scheme whereby all full members who wished to steward could do so and receive a payment for each duty they completed. A rota showed when they were required.

Fees in 2020 were £60.00 membership which includes a stewarding levy. This cost could be reduced by offering to do some stewarding duties.

Players must choose between:-

   a) buying a season ticket for £150.00, players are then able to play casually, in organised roll-ups, in league teams or in friendlies at no extra cost (except for tea and opponents drinks in league matches and friendlies). This is reduced if players join the Club during the season.

or b) choose to "pay and play" where players play £7.00 per session to play as above.

Over the season, a season ticket is good value for a member playing twice a week or more.(The season is usually early April to late September.)




If you want to be involved in the club but don't want to become a full member and play bowls then why not become  social member?

An annual fee of £10.00 will entitle you to take part in the non-playing aspects of our club.


If you think that the Argyll Bowling Club is for you playing or non-playing, then please contact our secretary who'll be able to answer any questions you may have.  You can pop along to the club any day during the season for a tea and a chat with some of our members.


We look forward to hearing from you.